A New Day

Here is where I write my some thoughts or my some experiences or my some feelings in English words about something or someone or somewhere .

Maybe it also helps me to practice more and strengthen my writing in English.

If you read them, I wish these short paragraphs are pleasant to you too.



.Per year has 4 seasons and per season has it’s own beauties

In the summer, the sun shines in the sky and the weather is hot and it is ideal for swimming for example
.Fall is colorful and beautiful with many coloring leaves of trees
.winter is cold and occasionally become white with snow

but I think most beautiful nature and most pleasant weather and totally most lovely feelings about nature around,there is in springtime

April 18,2019



 Reading books

Many years ago – of course beside the famous and beautiful Romance-books and Self-help books and Self-development books – indeed and more than the others, my favorite author was Paulo Coelho and I remember that I read almost all of his books that sounded to me very inspiring
.Also I loved his writing Style.
Sometimes even I felt that some of his texts expressing me and my emotions and my thoughts exactly as well as I was.
But after that years and now and nowadays I read more various books from more various authors, For example, Milan Kundera, and many more.
Especially Nowadays besides the other authors, the author who I’d love to read many more books from him is Alain de Botton.

In my opinion, he focuses on many kinds of stuff that are our concerns in our everyday life and help us to get along and dealing with them better

“As he founded the Place named “The School of Life” to help people “live a calmer, wiser, more fulfilled life.
April 09,2019


We don’t know how to listen

People don’t know how to listen, and it’s not their fault

In school, we learn how to read, we learn how to write

  but nobody teaches you how to listen

Daniel Pink ~



Do you like to Predict Your Future؟

!Look at your actions



The World is a Bird in CageFly, travel far away! But look back

 Fly, travel far away! But look back , is part of one of the poems in the “World is a bird in cage” book by Leon Tuam

(+) Let read this beautiful poem together

Wherever you are now
Don’t forget your native land
Fly, travel far away! But look back

Any trip in our life is a great school
From which the traveler has too much to learn
and too much to give



Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

RumiRumi (Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi) was a 13th century Persian poet, an Islamic dervish and a Sufi mystic and philosopher

He was born in 30th September, 1207 AD in Konya
He is well known as one of the greatest spiritual masters in the whole of the world

Rumi not only for centuries is an important person and has a significant personality for Iranian and the Middle East peoples
Even he is also one of the all-time best-selling poets in the United States, and the other parts of the world, cause of his words of wisdom as Evergreen sayings that can make people think more

Let read some of his beautiful Words of wisdom

  • “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”
  • “What you seek is seeking you”
  • “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder”
  • “In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art”
  • “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself”


?What is the singularity

Singularity The term singularity describes the moment when a civilization changes so much that its rules and technologies are incomprehensible to previous generations

Most thinkers believe the singularity will be jump-started by extremely rapid technological and scientific changes

 Maybe it’s interesting for you too, to know that a university was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil

: that was named

Singularity University

According to its website, it focuses on scientific progress and “exponential” technologies

(+ , +) : Sources

: More… in webmindset

 Ray Kurzweil interviews Marvin Minsky (Video): Is singularity near



Writefull- A new way of writing with confidence

writefulWritefull is one of the most interesting and useful apps that I recently use for my writing in English, to gain a better result

.It checks your text against databases of correct language and gives you a feedback

As mentioned on its website, you can choose one of the following options to apply Writefull


  •  Check how often your selected text is found in the language database, and see how it is used in context
  • Hear how your text is pronounced
  • Translate from any language into English
  • Enter two chunks and compare how often they are found in the database. Also see how they are used in context
  • Find out which words are used most often in a gap in your selected text
  • See which synonyms of a given word are used most often in your selected text

If you like to download it or add it as an extension to your Chrom browser, and then try this way for your writing, check out this Website



Events&PersonsTo serve our life

,I have noticed that every event occurs
remind us that every tiny or big event or every person in our around,
.can have an influence in our life
.less or more
Independent of like or dislike that event or that person, we can use their impact to serve our life


A nice quote from Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

.I was reading a quote from Bob Dylan
.It seemed to me very Meaningful and I thought to it in many situations and encountering with many people, it can be so true

:That sentence was

Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean



Life as a book

.Sometimes I think to life, as a book

life book,Each page includes some words

,some sentences

.and some paragraphs

.As big or small, important or unimportant, pretty or ugly, worthy or unworthy of all our experinces in life

,Some words in these pages are familiar to us

.and some others are not

,Some pages are easy to understanding

.and the others harder, or even to tolerate

.Yet, regardless each page or each word or each sentence or each paragraph how would be,

.reading this book could be always exciting and interesting


Viva forever by Spice Girls

One of the other my very best favorite songs is: Viva forever, by Spice Girls.

When you listen to it, it fills your soul with a lot of softness, warmth and elegance. Beside the nice and amazing it’s song, it has a nice and lovely Lyrics that I really love it’s combination.viva forever

I like you search this song from the internet and listen to it too, and hope you enjoy it like me.

Do you still remember, how we used to be
Feeling together, believing whatever
My love has said to me
Both of us were dreamers
Young love in the sun
Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave you
We’d only just begun
Hasta mañana, always be mine
Viva forever, I’ll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever, for the moment
Ever searching for the one
Yes I still remember, every whispered word
The touch of your skin, giving life from within
Like a love song that I’d heard
Slippin’ through our fingers, like the sands of time
Promises made, every memory saved
Has reflections in my mind
Hasta mañana, always be mine
Viva forever, I’ll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever, for the moment
Ever searching for the one
Back where I belong now, was it just a dream
Feelings unfold, they will never be sold
And the secret’s safe with me
Hasta mañana, always be mine
Viva forever (viva forever), I’ll be waiting (I’ll be waiting)
Everlasting (everlasting), like the sun (like the sun)
Live forever (live forever), for the moment (for the moment)
Ever searching (ever searching) for the one (for the one)
Viva forever (viva forever), I’ll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever (live forever), for the moment
Ever searching for the one.

You can listen this amazing song here.


Our Comments!

Everyday we are reading the various comments from different people in the bottom of some posts in some websites.Comments
A lot of comments from a lot of people.
What do you think of that?
Do you agree with me that word to word and sentence to sentence of these comments,  can introduce us and what we realy are, what we think, what we feel and maybe many other aspects of us to others?
I think the comments can be a thin slice for readers to catch a general perception of us.



About Surface thinking and choosing a cross-cut and banal way to reach the goals

Have you ever seen some people that usually choice the cross-cut and easiest way and make more banal decision to reinforcement their will and motivation to reach their goals or desires?
Seems, they know well to rationalization and justification these decisions for themselves and others and also be very happy about it.

ups and downs

But I think, they forgot a precious point.
Maybe somewhat they reach to those goals or desires, but never touch them with their soul and their heart, and maybe don’t experiment the joy of road’s ups and downs and never train their inner skills muscles and the ability to develop their will power. Then, the motivation that acquired with this way and by a surface thinking, sooner or later disappears or at least becomes pale again.

Maybe occasionally I was the same kind of those people… I don’t know…, but now I know very well that I don’t want to be anymore…


A method to finding a main idea for writing and developing it

Sometimes we like to write something, but it does seem hard to write anything and no idea comes into our mind. ایده برای نوشتن

Recently I read an interesting essay and it had told that one method to reach this purpose is to sit down and write anything about your today routine life, without stopping for five or ten minutes, and called this: Free-Writing.

Then look over your free-writing and underline anything that seems interesting or important to you. Now your free-writing may trigger an idea that will focus your description. So concentrate on this idea and develop your writing about that.

In developing a paragraph, (1) begin with a topic sentence (that is the same main idea) (2) develop the main idea (topic) by a series of related sentences that explain the idea fully and (3) concludes with a sentence that restates or summarizes the main idea.

This method seems simple, interesting and useful. doesn’t it?


The spring will comespring

The blossoms have opened. The trees have sprouted. The birds are singing. The sweet breeze is blowing. The flowers surrounded by butterflies.

All because the Spring is coming.

The Spring will come…

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.  ~Robert H. Schuller


Vivo Per Lei!

One of the most amazing duet love song that i’v have ever heard is a song called “Vivo Per Lei“.Andrea Bocelli

Vivo Per lei (in Italian) means (in English): “I Live for Her”

This version of Vivo Per Lei  recorded by Andrea Bocelli (in italian) as duet with Judy Weiss (in German-speaking countries).

The song was also released as a duet with other female artists, including Marta Sánchez (in Spain and Spanish America), Hélène Ségara in francophone countries, Sandy Leah Lima in Brazilian Portuguese and Bonnie Tyler in English (source)

Each time I listen to this very beautiful and emotional song, I realy enjoy…


I stand for being natural, and love life in the natural way!

One of the most important values in my life, is being and remaining natural, in manner, in thoughts and in emotions.

In my opinion, the importance, value, simplicity and beauty of every behavoiur, lies in having the most naturally quantity, not for the sake of being fake or copy or dummy or….And lies In the manners that needn’t be deliberate and planned.

What do you think about that…?


How the World will look like in the next 50 years?

I always interested in reading and hearing and exploring about the World and the Universe and all the amazing things that relevant to it and the future of that.

Recently I’ve read an interesting article about the future of world. it was saying that, “to be able to understand the future, you must know the past. What has taken us to where we are today and what has changed along the way.”

The article answered the question “What inventions have really made a difference in the last 150 years?” this way:آینده

“If you take away all gadgets that people in some part of the world are using for entertainment, the inventions that have affected most people around the world for everyday living are the telephone, electricity, radio, television, computer, the car and the ability to communicate through Internet. Then we of course have a lot of inventions that have made life easier, like new medicine, faster transports etc.

In general the inventions for the last 150 years have been a human strive for freedom and communication, to be able to get in control of the time and world. Since there is still much to do in this area, this will be the focus at least for the next 150 years.”

But, really why predicting the future is important to us?

As it said: “for two reasons; first we need to start to think about what kind of future we would like for ourselves and to pass on to the next generation, and then we need to know what decisions we need to make today that will give the best result in the future.”

…You can read more about this interesting matter in this page if you interested in, and maybe after the reading that, the bird of fantasies about the future of world, flies in your mind, like me!


Remembering a singer

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I had a very favorite and lovely singer and I enjoyed about her style in singing and the rhythm of her music.

Her name was Sandra.

Recently I remembered her and decided to search in net and find her songs and listen to her music again. I really enjoyed to remembered her lovely songs.



Little but great men!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a lovely and very thinkable short film, and I liked to share it with you all.
The teacher had promised to his little students – before the final exam – if one of them acquire the best result in exam and show him that he understand the lesson well, he will award him a lovely prize.
Then, after the exam, teacher went to classroom and told: “My dear students. The result of all of you were very well and I’m satisfied of all of yours.
Now, I don’t know really what should be done and give this prize to which of you?
While he pointed with his hand to the prize, he told: “meanwhile the prize is a pair of beautiful shoe!” and continued: “Maybe it’s better that we draw. Do you agree with me? Univocal all of the kids with a load voice said:”YES!”
“Ok … Now i want each of you, to write your names on a tiny piece of paper and fold it and drop into my mug.
All of the kids did whatever their teacher had ask them although they whispered with each other when they were writing their names.
Long story short, Then, the teacher shook his mug that was full of tiny folded papers of student’s names, and pick up one of them and unfolded it. classroom was very quiet and all of kids waiting to hear the lucky person’s name!
Teacher declared with a load voiceکفش:
“The winner is Amin!”
Students turned to Amin and clapped and applauded him.
The eyes of Amin was full of  tears and also other students!
The teacher became a little curious and decided to unfold the other papers. again and again …
He shocked!
On all of the papers had wrote only ONE name: Amin!
Now it was the teacher that wept!
Then the camera (in the short film) slow was showing under the benches and one by one legs and shoes of kids and when reached the Amin’s shoes, the camera stopped.

He was wearing a pair of very old and ragged shoes.


Also, enjoy these beautiful pictures of our amazing nature on this page:

Dummy image